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Nicarbazin Premix 25%

Poultry, Rabbit

It is a stable micro-granulated high-efficiency anticoccidiosis drug.

Appearance:                 Free flowing granular and odorless
Nicarbazin:                   ≥25%


  1. Chemical type anticoccidiosis drug, take effect rapidly.
  2. Good anticoccidiosis effect, good stability and good security.
  3. Can be used with other antibiotics together.
  4. Granular product, no dust, no static electricity and no classification in the process of storage and machining.


  1. Prevent and cure the caecal coccidiosis caused by E.tenella and the small intestine coccidiosis caused by E.acervulina, E.maxima and E.necatrix, etc..
  2. Assist to prevent chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) and infectious enteritis.

(The follows are recommended for reference only)
500 g/ton of completed feed

Withdrawal period: Stop using at least 4 days before slaughter.

Packaging: 25kg bags
Storage: Keep in ventilated and dry place and avoid light.
Shelf life: 12 months in original packaging.



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